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Made In North Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Oila Canada is the largest oleaginous producer and exporter in this region. Our wide range of oils and butters is processed in northern Vancouver Canada and shipped throughout the world. We have a state of the art manufacturing facility with a fully automated and high-performance process to ensure top quality of oil production. Oila Canada is the first-ever inventor of the “Fresh Cooking Oils” concept, where various oils are developed, packaged and finally exported to every corner of the world on daily packaging standards. You have come to the right place if you are looking for pure oils. Our company Oila Canada is a proud producer of Canadian Cold-pressed Extra Virgin 100% pure oils and butters. Oila Canada is the largest producer and exporter of Olive oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Coconut oil, Black Caraway seed oil, Sesame seed oil, Macadamia oil and flaxseed oil. Also our company provides a moderate range of butters made with nuts and are equally beneficial for your health and longevity. The range includes Almond Butter, Walnut Butter and Pumpkin Butter. In our company Oila Canada, oil and butter production undergoes a number of production processes before they are able to ship. In the manufacturing process, the cold-pressing system is used to ensure compliance with food safety standards.

The stainless steel bottle is fully cared for so that the air does not come into contact and the oils and butters preserve their natural flavor and aroma when served directly to your plate. In order to preserve its integrity and purity, olives, seeds, nuts and fruits are selected by hand. Our tremendously wide range of oils and butters adds flavor and freshness to your daily cooking as well as add significant nutrients to your diet maintain a healthy profile. Also, it ensures health benefits and elaborated tastes in your day to day meals. More than 15 different items can be found in our catalogue. In the market for oils and butters, we have one of the largest ranges with a brand name. In order to prevent any loss of quality, oils and butters are processed under adequate storage conditions and standards. Therefore, in order to safely store and keep our high quality, natural oils and butter products, we make sure the production takes place in extremely hard conditions, it is important to be responsive to store. We deliver our customers package on time, our oils and butters are packed carefully in glass bottles to keep their freshness restored as it reaches you.

Our Mission and Values

It is a good idea to cook with EXTRA VIRGIN OIL


We love to take care of you, beginning from your heart to your muscles, skin,subconscious, and brain. That’s why we have spent our entire lives making a wide range of the most nutritious products in the world. Like they say, “healthy mind leads to healthy body”


Restoring heritage and knowledge of 150 years. Our dedication towards producing the best oils has built quality and know-how standards in our brand. Our oils intensify the flavors, create good emotions and provide millions of people with special sensory experiences.


We nourish your life’s happiness. A nice dinner, an evening snack and an undisturbed chat are good aspects of enjoyable life. This is the way of life in the community focused on balance and a safe and easy interaction, while enjoying healthy food cooked in our prestigious oils.


Our enthusiasts talk about our products

Dr. R Ghodsi

As you are most likely aware, the oils and butters are suggested daily use because they have less cholesterol, an excellent taste and are even referred to as fluid gold. Nonetheless, it is no simple task to find the best cooking oils and oil factory. That’s why we’re here, to produce the widest variety of Fresh cooking oils and butters for all your life events. With great health benefits, it is believed that the monounsaturated fat has an effect on malignant growth causing cance

Some people make it possible to overcome bosom, prostate cancer and ovary as an example of its advantages from fresh cooking oil. A recent study has shown that in the industrialized world cardiovascular diseases are the major risk factors.


We sell our products online, and also you can buy them from shop retailers.

Address: 823-15th St. West- North Vancouver, BC, CANADA, V7P 1M5

Phone: +1(604)770-3377

Email: info@oila.ca